[R] Help needed to tackle multicollinearity problem in count data with the help of R

umesh khatri khatriumesh88 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 16:24:48 CEST 2012

Dear everyone,

I'm student of Masters in Statistics (Actuarial) from Central
University of Rajasthan, India. I am doing a major project work as a
part of the degree. My major project deals with fitting a glm model
for the data of car insurance. I'm facing the problem of
multicollinearity for this data which is visible by the plotting of
data. But I'm not able to test it. In the case of linear models one
can use VIF but what about count data. Another problem is as the
multicollinearity is visible from the plot one solution is poisson
ridge regression. But how to do the programming for this in R. I
thought of making changes to "glm.fit" might help. But the codes are
beyond my understanding. I'll be glad if someone can help me in this

Umesh Khatri

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