[R] Accessing coefficient values in linear regression

Peter Alspach Peter.Alspach at plantandfood.co.nz
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Tena koe Pragya

It is advisable to use the extractor functions where they are available; i.e., coef(j) and coef(j)[1] or coef(j)['(Intercept)'] for the intercept.

However, j$coefficients["(Intercept)"] does give you what I suspect you want.  Check its structure:
and you'll see it is 191.9161 with a name attribute.  Thus you can use it 'for other purposes'.

HTH ....

Peter Alspach

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Hi everyone,
                  I am fitting a simple linear regression model in R. My
command is j=lm( Y ~ Sex + begsal + time + int)
lm(formula = Y ~ Sex + begsal + time + int)

(Intercept)          Sex       begsal         time          int
    191.916     -241.805        3.969        5.003        3.040
Now I wish to access the values of these coefficients for other purposes
and all this I need to be done within a code. Using
j$coefficients["(Intercept)"] gives me
How can I get just the value 191.9161?
Please help.


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