[R] Mann-Whitney by group

Oxenstierna david.chertudi at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 22:39:23 CEST 2012

lapply(thing, function(x) x[['p.value']]) --works very well, thank you.

Not to be a chore, but I'm interested in comparing the results of
wilcox.test--and the methodology we've employed so far--with the results and
methodology of wilcox_test (library("coin")).  So, I'd like to compare
groups 5 and 6 across A through H using wilcox_test, and then I'd like to
extract the p-values.  Going through the same methodology as above, but
replacing wilcox.test with wilcox_test has failed, and so has the p.value
extraction method:  lapply(thing, function(x) x[['p.value']]) .

I believe the latter failure has to do with the fact that the coin package
has a built-in class and built-in extraction method (pvalue() to extract and
class "IndependenceTest"), but I don't know how to work around it.  For
example, for a single comparison:  wilcox_test(A~Group, Dtb) works fine, and
pvalue(wilcox.test(A~Group, Dtb)) extracts the p-value.

So, any ideas about how to compare groups 5 and 6 across A through H using

Many thanks!

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