[R] histogram of time-stamp data

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Tue Jul 17 18:33:07 CEST 2012

On 17/07/2012, Rui Barradas <ruipbarradas at sapo.pt> wrote:
> Hello,
> That's not the error I've had. You must be aware that read.table creates
> a data.frame and therefore the object 'timestamps' is NOT holding time
> stamps, it's holding a vector, 'V1', of time stamps.

Was not aware of the significance of the data frame of vector values.

> ..., stringsAsFactors=FALSE)

Can confirm the success of adding this parameter to the command 'read.table'

> timestamps <- as.POSIXct(timestamps$V1, format="%H:%M:%S")  # here
> h1 <- cut(timestamps, breaks="hour")
> And the rest works.

Confirmed, thanks.

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