[R] strapply and characters adjacent to the matched pattern

mdvaan mathijsdevaan at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 23:06:42 CEST 2012


In the example below, one of the searched patterns "SE" is matched in the
word "second". I would like to ignore all matches in which the character
following the match is one of [:alpha:]. How do I do this without removing
the "ignore.case = T" argument of the strapply function? Thank you very

# load library
# read in data 
data <- c("Santa Fe Gold Corp|Starpharma Holdings|SE")
# define the object to be searched 
text <- c("the first is Santa Fe Gold Corp", "the second is Starpharma
# match 
strapply(text, data, ignore.case = T)

The preferred outcome would be:

[1] "Santa Fe Gold Corp"

[1] "Starpharma Holdings"

instead of:

[1] "Santa Fe Gold Corp"

[1] "se"                  "Starpharma Holdings"

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