[R] "metafor" package, proportions: single groups wrt to a categorical dependent variable

Michael Dewey info at aghmed.fsnet.co.uk
Sat Jul 28 15:25:08 CEST 2012

At 01:44 28/07/2012, Dushanthi Pinnaduwage wrote:

>Dear all, I am using R version 2.15.0 and 'metafor' package version 
>1.6-0. Can this version of the package handle proportions from 
>a  categorical dependent variable for single studies?If so how do I 
>set up my dataframe for the raw data from different studies? Also 
>how do I give inputs, specially xi, mi (or ni) to the function 
>escalc()? Thanks,Dushanthi

You do not give us very much to go on here. When you say your outcome 
is proportions do you mean your outcome has more than two values and 
you are generating (or have been provided with) several proportions 
for each study or do you mean it is a binary variable? If the latter 
do you in fact have the numerators and denominators or just the 
proportion? It would also help if you showed us the code you have 
tried and the error message you got (if any) or told us the 
discrepancy between the output you obtained and that which you expected.

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Michael Dewey
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