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Sun Jul 29 18:50:01 CEST 2012

On 29.07.2012 17:18, sappy wrote:
> Dear Community,
> i have read in a table with two column from a *txt-File. What i get is a
> data-frame wit two column.
> After that i allocate this 2 column to x and y. Plotting this, i obtain a
> picture that looks like a bar plot (something like a grid).
> Is that because x and y is in factor-formatted? A conversion with
> "asnumeric" doesnt work. I get a vector with "NA".
> Here is my code:
> daten<-read.table("C:/Users/Robert/Desktop/regen.txt", header=FALSE,
> colClasses=c("real","real"))

As you are german, I suppose you used the comma as decimal separator.
You need to specify that in read.table by dec="," or R won't be able to
parse your numbers.
 daten<-read.table("C:/Users/Robert/Desktop/regen.txt", header=FALSE,dec=",)

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