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On Mar 6, 2012, at 12:39 PM, Nordlund, Dan (DSHS/RDA) wrote:

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>> Hey,
>> for a statistical analysis I have to work with some micro dates in  
>> SPSS.
>> I only have txt-files though (any further details concerning the  
>> format or
>> something like that, I don´t have. I can only see a lot of numbers  
>> when I
>> open it). On the same page I found another Download especially for  
>> R. I
>> downloaded those files to, they have names like: dicPNAD2006.R or
>> dicPNAD2006supl.R.
>> I have the R software ((R 2.14.2 GUI 1.50 Leopard build 64-bit  
>> (6126))
>> on my Mac. But I can´t read the data or I don´t know the right  
>> orders. I also
>> have an Readme File (it is in portuguese) but for me it´s too  
>> unexact. But I
>> think the main orders are:
>> le.pesquisa(dicionario, pathname.in, pathname.out=NA, codigos,
>> nomes=NA,
>> quant=NA,
>> tbloco=2000)
>> as well as
>> library(IBGEPesq)

That is not a package that is on CRAN. The le.pesquisa function is  
probably in some local package that will not be available to readers  
of this list.

>> data(dicPNAD2005)
>> caminho.microdados <- file.path("E:","DADOS","PES2005.TXT")

This is clearly a file.path specification for a Windows installation.  
You said you were on a Mac. It appears to me that you need quite a bit  
of local assistance from someone who understands the basics of file  
handling on both the file location you gave below which reports   
"Access Forbidden" and on your local machine. This webpage is for R  
problems and your problems appear more basic than that.

>> dados <- le.pesquisa(dicionario=dicpes2005,
>> pathname.in=caminho.microdados,
>> pathname.out="dados.Rdata",
>> codigos=c("V4703","V4704","V4705","V4707","V4729"),
>> quant=408148)
>> my software dosen´t know the le.pesquisa variable

Except you are using it as a function. Any name followed by a "(" in R  
will be considered to be a function. You should ask your supervisor or  
instructor how how to get local help.

>> and I Don´t know how to register it.

You cannot use R unless you have learned the language. It's not like a  
spreadsheet where the software tries to guess what you really want.  
Some few of us think it makes perfect sense (well maybe not perfect)  
but most of the world seems to find it somewhat strange.


>> The Files I got on the following homepage (DADOS holds the txt-files
>> and
>> LEITURA EM R the .R files)
>> http://www.ibge.gov.br/home/estatistica ... dados.shtm
>> I´d be very thankful for help!
>> Greetings
>> Amelie
> The URL you provided does not work (at least I am denied access), so  
> it will be difficult to help you read the data.
> Dan
> Daniel J. Nordlund
> Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
> Planning, Performance, and Accountability
> Research and Data Analysis Division
> Olympia, WA 98504-5204

David Winsemius, MD
West Hartford, CT

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