[R] pulling out 1 country and 1 wave

Nicole Marie Ford nmford at uwm.edu
Wed Mar 7 06:08:43 CET 2012


I am trying to pull out one country from a time series of 5 waves.  For example I need Norway from the 5th wave.  This is new to me.  Typically, I work with country specific surveys.

data = norway

I have attached a .tiff of the codebook showing the variable names for Norway and the wave.  They appear to be Norway = v218 and wave = v15.  But perhaps I am wrong and this is part of the problem. 

Below are examples of things I have tried.

For the record, no this is not at all HW, this is for my own research.

Thanks in advance.  


norway <- wvs.a[which(wvs.a[,v218] == "norway"), ]

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