[R] Novice Alert!: odfWeave help!

John Kane jrkrideau at inbox.com
Thu Mar 8 15:52:16 CET 2012

odfWeave is an R package.

 First off, be sure it is installed. Use 
to install it and then load it with the command

General Intro

Specific newbie tips.  

I have not used it in a couple of years so I am not current and I used in under Windows 7. 

Currently it looks like odfWeave package is not available for R 2.14.0 at least under Windows if I am reading the warning message correctly.

Good luck. It is a powerful tool

John Kane
Kingston ON Canada

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> Hello world,
> I'm pretty new to computer code: for example, I consider it a small
> victory that I (all by myself!) managed to ssh into the server at my
> lab from home and copy a file onto my desktop. Be gentle. I have
> primarily used R for running some pretty mid-level statistics
> (creating distance matrices, manipulating graphs for pretty figures,
> etc).
> I'm working through Bolker's Ecological Models and Data in R (which is
> a great book for ecologists/life sciences types who want to learn how
> to just barely get by in R, with know previous knowledge of R code
> presupposed). My advisor wants me to explore odfWeave to stream-line
> my notes. This is important because I will inevitably be his TA in his
> R stat course, and I will need to be proficient with the software. So
> far I have been copy-pasting my codes into a word processor (both open
> office and word) and inserting my plots after saving them.
> I do not understand how to use odfWeave. The way it was explained to
> me initially sounded like it was some kind of Open Office add-on I
> could install and my chunks of code would be automatically translated.
> Six hours of research later, I realize this is not the case, and that
> I need outside help. I'm on a Mac OSx 10.7.3 Lion, I normally use
> RStudios, but I have R and R64 and I operate at about, oh, let's say
> the level of a 2- or 3-year-old does with language and walking.
> So, what exactly does odfWeave do? Do I stick my chunks of code (I
> know I need to use << to start and @ to end to bracket off the
> sections of code) in the .odf document, then do the file.in/file.out
> commands, which then reads the code and pops out a pretty little graph
> to my specified parameters? Or do I use the file.in/file.out commands
> to paste code I've created in R into an existing .odf doc?
> Any baby steps or example code you could give me would warm my little
> heart.
> If the first scenario (write the code into an .odf document, set off
> as mentioned above, and then tell R to do stuff to it) is the
> scenario, I'd be happy to send an example.
> Thanks! I can offer a cute picture of a cat as payment, if desired!
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