[R] How do I force confint() for glm() to be quiet?

Hans Ekbrand hans at sociologi.cjb.net
Fri Mar 9 12:14:32 CET 2012

I need confint() for glm() to supress the messages 

"Waiting for profiling to be done..."

because they mess up the caching mechanism of pgfSweave (see

I have read the help page of confint(), but I do not know how to get
the help page for the glm() version, if any such help page exists.

Is there a general way of turning of output from functions in R, that
would help here?

Below is an example of an intended usage scenario:

x <- 10000
a <- rnorm(x)
b <- factor(LETTERS[sample(1:7, x, replace = TRUE)])
c <- factor(LETTERS[sample(1:4, x, replace = TRUE)])
my.fit <- glm(c ~ b + a, family = "binomial")
my.results <- confint(my.fit)

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