[R] SSOAP and Chemspider: Security token?

Stravs, Michael Michael.Stravs at eawag.ch
Fri Mar 9 13:51:49 CET 2012

Dear Duncan, 

thanks for the quick answer. However, I already sorted one error out - turned out that I was just stupid: The security token worked fine once I filled all the additional "required information" on the ChemSpider profile (which means the token showing up on your profile is non-functional as long as that information isn't complete - ChemSpider doesn't tell you that, or force you to fill in the information, however.)


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From: Duncan Temple Lang <duncan at wald.ucdavis.edu>
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Subject: Re: [R] SSOAP and Chemspider: Security token?
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Hi Michael

Thanks for the report and digging into the actual XML documents
that are sent.

It turns out that if I remove the redundant namespace definitions
and just use a single one on the <SimpleSearch> node, all is apparently fine.

I've put a pre-release version of the SSOAP package that does at


You can try that.

I'll release this version when I also fix the issue with
XMLSchema  that causes the error in genSOAPClientInterface()

BTW, the if(!is.character(token)) in the example in chemSpider.R
is an error - a mixture of !is.null() and then checking only if it
is a character.


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