[R] Interfacing between Optimization Software and R

Renger van Nieuwkoop renger at vannieuwkoop.ch
Sun Mar 11 08:18:23 CET 2012

Dear all

I was wondering, if there are reasons for R-Users to use (commercial) solver packages like GAMS, AMPL, Matlab, etc. 
These packages can solve all kind of mathematical optimization problems like (non-) linear problems, mixed complementarity problems, etc.

Why I want to know? GAMS corporation developed a R package to send data from GAMS to R (or vice versa). It is called gdxrxw.
I use this package a lot for my network models I solve with GAMS, sending the results from GAMS to R for plotting, generating tables in LaTeX and statistical analysis (see some of my post on blog.modelworks.ch). 
However, until now, for my personal use, I don't use the package the other way around (R -> Gams).
I am writing a small article on this interface and was wondering if there are situations, where R-Users would be grateful for having the possibility to interact with solver software.
Any reaction would be very much appreciated.


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