[R] eigenvalues of matrices of partial derivatives with ryacas

Adam Zeilinger zeil0006 at umn.edu
Fri Mar 16 00:51:37 CET 2012


I am trying to construct two matrices, F and V, composed of partial 
derivatives and then find the eigenvalues of F*Inverse(V).  I have the 
following equations in ryacas notation:

 > library(Ryacas)
 > FIh <- Expr("betah*Sh*Iv")
 > FIv <- Expr("betav*Sv*Ih")
 > VIh <- Expr("(muh + gamma)*Ih")
 > VIv <- Expr("muv*Iv")

I successfully found the partial derivatives:

 > f11 <- deriv(FIh, "Ih")
 > f12 <- deriv(FIh, "Iv")
 > f21 <- deriv(FIv, "Ih")
 > f22 <- deriv(FIv, "Iv")
 > v11 <- deriv(VIh, "Ih")
 > v12 <- deriv(VIh, "Iv")
 > v21 <- deriv(VIv, "Ih")
 > v22 <- deriv(VIv, "Iv")

Next I would like to put these partial derivatives into two matrices, F 
and V:

 > F <- Expr("{{f11, f12}, {f21, f22}}")
 > V <- Expr("{{v11, v12}, {v21, v22}}")

Finally, I would like to find the eigenvalues of F*Inverse(V).  
Something like:

 >  yacas("EigenValues(F*Inverse(V))")

However, this does not work.  I get the following error message:

In function "While" : bad argument number 1 (counting from 1)The 
offending argument $ii49<= $nr49 evaluated to Not 
Length-1<0CommandLine(1) : Invalid argument

According to Mathematica, the correct eigenvalues are:

{-((Sqrt[betah] Sqrt[betav] Sqrt[Sh] Sqrt[Sv])/Sqrt[gamma muv + muh muv]),
    (Sqrt[betah] Sqrt[betav] Sqrt[Sh] Sqrt[Sv])/Sqrt[gamma muv + muh muv]}

I don't understand the error message.  Any suggestions on how to get the 
correct eigenvalues using R would be greatly appreciated.  I'm using R 


Adam Zeilinger
Post Doctoral Scholar
Department of Entomology
University of California Riverside

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