[R] -1e+34

Amen amen.alyaari at Bordeaux.inra.fr
Sat Mar 17 16:10:43 CET 2012

I am getting theses  values when I disply my ncdf file
1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34
[227,] -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34
[228,] -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34
[229,] -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34
[230,] -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34
[231,] -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34
[232,] -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34
[233,] -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34 -1e+34

i managed to open and read ncdf  file but shall I define it.I used
var.def.ncdf( name, units, dim, missval, longname=name, prec="single")
varPop <- var.def.ncdf("Pop",
"kelven",720*360*1460,1e+30,longname="Temperature", prec="float")

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