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Dear Ieva,

plm(.., model="within") (which is the default for plm()) estimates a
within model on time-demeaned data, which is "equivalent" to using the
LSDV estimator. Therefore any time-constant dummy variable you add "by
hand" will be discarded because of perfect collinearity.

What kind of dummies are you trying to include? If they are
time-constant they will be incompatible with the within (FE) estimator,
but not with other uses of plm() like random effects ('model="random"')
or pooling ('model="pooling"').

A reproducible example, as requested by the posting guide, would have
clarified things.
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Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing about the panel data for my bachelor degree.
I would really appreciate if You could help dealing with R functions.
I am trying to estimate the panel data lm model with plm function. When
include 3dummy variables into the regression it dont appear in the
of the model, but when i estimate a simple lm model it appears.
Why is it so? What should i do to estimate the statistics for those

Thank You.

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