[R] Graphic legend with mathematical symbol, numeric variable and character variable

Patrick Breheny patrick.breheny at uky.edu
Tue Mar 20 20:04:13 CET 2012

There are a few different ways to do this; see the examples in ?plotmath 
under the heading "How to combine 'math' and numeric variables".

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On 03/20/2012 09:09 AM, "ECOTIÈRE David (Responsable d'activité) - CETE 
Est/LRPC de Strasbourg/6 Acoustique" wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to make a legend with a mix of mathematical symbol (tau),
> numeric variable and character variables.I have tried :
> types<-c("Type 1","Type 2","Type 2")
> tau<-c(1,3,2)
> legend(x="topright",legend=paste(types,"tau=",expression(tau)))
> but it doesn't work: the 'tau' symbol is not written in its 'symbol
> style' but as 'tau'
> Any (good) idea ?
> Thank you in advance !

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