[R] Remove wireframe outer box but keep ticks

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Thanks for your response. It's not the 3d bounding box that I wish to eliminate, but the box that surrounds the whole figure and is drawn automatically (I call this the outer box, in contrast to the inner, 3d bounding box). The ticks attached to the bounding box are connected, in the software, to the outer box. I'm assembling a number of these graphs on one page, and the outer box makes the whole figure look clunky. Lattice is an incredible piece of software! but these small details can be difficult to nail down.


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See 'box.3d' in trellis.par.get() :

 wireframe(z ~ x*y, data = test,
 par.settings = list(box.3d = list(col=NA)))

Note you can have some finer control:

wireframe(z ~ x*y, data = test,
par.settings = list(box.3d = list(col=c(1,2,NA,NA,3,NA,4,5,6)))

Hope this helps

On Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 3:59 AM, Bigelow, Seth W -FS <sbigelow at fs.fed.us> wrote:
> I would like to eliminate the outer box around a lattice wireframe 
> graph, but the usual recommended solution, which is to assign a color of 'transparent' to the axis.line parameter, eliminates ticks if the 'arrows=F' command is used, as shown in the following example:
> test = data.frame(expand.grid(c(1:10), c(1:10))) z = test[,1] + 
> test[,2] test = cbind(test, z)
> names(test) = c("x", "y", "z")
> require(lattice)
> wireframe(z ~ x*y, data = test,
> scales=list(arrows=F),
> par.settings = list(axis.line = list(col = "transparent")),
> )
> Is there a way to eliminate the box but keep the ticks?
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