[R] SPSS R-Menu for Ordinal Factor Analysis

Till Below till.below at agrar.hu-berlin.de
Mon Mar 26 13:32:28 CEST 2012

Dear all,

I am trying to conduct an enhanced version of factor analysis with a 
SPSS interface that allows to use R. This approach has been suggested in 
the recent article:

Basto, M. and J.M. Pereira  An SPSS R-Menu for Ordinal Factor Analysis. 
Journal of Statistical Software 46, pp. 1-29.

My variables are ordinal-type and the tool of Basto allows to run 
polychoric correlations in the SPSS environment with the R essentials 
ans Plugin.

I used R 2.10 version for spss 20 (I only have access to spss 20). I 
loaded the required packages. When running the factor analysis in spss 
with the plugin I receive the error message posted below. Aparently, the 
tool of Basto runs only with spss 19. Since the packages and the plugin 
are installed I think it must be a problem of the spss version.

Could someone suggest me a solution for the problem? I am not familiar 
with R, and so I would prefer to run the factor analysis in spss. Is 
there any possebility to run it with spss V. 20?

Best regards and compliments for your work,

Till Below (PhD student, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany)

SPSS output with error message:

*Mário Basto, José Manuel Pereira, IPCA
*Required: SPSS 19 and R Integration Plugin
*R Packages required: psych, polycor, GPArotation, nFactors, corpcor, ICS.
set printback off.

Till Below (PhD Student)

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

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