[R] SPSS R-Menu for Ordinal Factor Analysis

Eik Vettorazzi E.Vettorazzi at uke.de
Mon Mar 26 17:12:41 CEST 2012

Hi Till,
you need a plug-in for SPSS to run R, which is bound to a fixed R
version. SPSS 19 uses R2.10 and SPSS 20 uses R2.12 (both not up-to-date
R versions). So you have to download this plugin (after registering on
IBM Support) for your spss version and the according R version - or
start with a brand new R2.14 ;)

Am 26.03.2012 13:32, schrieb Till Below:
> Dear all,
> I am trying to conduct an enhanced version of factor analysis with a
> SPSS interface that allows to use R. This approach has been suggested in
> the recent article:
> Basto, M. and J.M. Pereira  An SPSS R-Menu for Ordinal Factor Analysis.
> Journal of Statistical Software 46, pp. 1-29.
> My variables are ordinal-type and the tool of Basto allows to run
> polychoric correlations in the SPSS environment with the R essentials
> ans Plugin.
> I used R 2.10 version for spss 20 (I only have access to spss 20). I
> loaded the required packages. When running the factor analysis in spss
> with the plugin I receive the error message posted below. Aparently, the
> tool of Basto runs only with spss 19. Since the packages and the plugin
> are installed I think it must be a problem of the spss version.
> Could someone suggest me a solution for the problem? I am not familiar
> with R, and so I would prefer to run the factor analysis in spss. Is
> there any possebility to run it with spss V. 20?
> Best regards and compliments for your work,
> Till Below (PhD student, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany)
> --------------------------------
> SPSS output with error message:
> *Mário Basto, José Manuel Pereira, IPCA
> *Required: SPSS 19 and R Integration Plugin
> *R Packages required: psych, polycor, GPArotation, nFactors, corpcor, ICS.
> set printback off.

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