[R] reading header in txt file and making histogram

chuck.01 CharlieTheBrown77 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 16:05:00 CEST 2012

You really need to read one of many beginners guides to R; but I will say
this much:

YOUR_DATA <- read.table("nigeria slr misc/Nigeria India /DBHHISTOGRAM.txt",

then you should be able to plot it like I said previously. 
If that still doesn't work, you need to read the posting guide and provide a
lot more info than you have. 
At the very least, copy and paste the results of the following


bamboohydraulics wrote
> this is what I do, IT READS THE TABLE, But then I am stuck, I removed the
> header
> read.table("nigeria slr misc/Nigeria India /DBHHISTOGRAM.txt",
> header=FALSE)
> hist("nigeria slr misc/Nigeria India /DBHHISTOGRAM.txt"$V1)
> Error in "nigeria slr misc/Nigeria India /DBHHISTOGRAM.txt"$V1 : 
>   $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors
> or >
>  hist("nigeria slr misc/Nigeria India /DBHHISTOGRAM.txt",V1)
> Error in hist.default("nigeria slr misc/Nigeria India /DBHHISTOGRAM.txt", 
> : 
>   'x' must be numeric
> or
> with("nigeria slr misc/Nigeria India /DBHHISTOGRAM.txt",hist(V1))
> Error in eval(substitute(expr), data, enclos = parent.frame()) : 
>   invalid 'envir' argument

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