[R] Plot of function seems to cut off near edge of domain

Matthieu Dubois matthdub at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 09:31:52 CEST 2012

Dear Chad,

your problem is linked to (1) the function returning NaNs from x values 
greater than 50, and (2) the fact that the function is estimated on a 
predefined number of points.

Calling plot for a function object is basically a wrapper for curve(). Your 
function g() is evaluated on the whole xlim domain, which will return NaN 
values for x>50 (Try g(60) ). In addition, curve() splits the x interval (here 
from 0 to 60) into a predifined number of points (n=101 is the default, see 
help(curve)) at which the function is estimated. In your code, the function is 
estimated at values x <- seq(0, 60, length=101), and g(x) that are not NaN are 
plotted. The largest x value (from the sequence) that doesn't return a NaN is 
max(x[!is.nan(g(x))]), which is 49.8.

One way to solve it is to explicitly specify the domain used to estimate the 
function, by using the from and to arguments that are passed to curve():

#Figure 2, with xlim beyond the radius of the circle 
plot(g,axes=F,from=0, to =50, xlim=c(0, 60), ylim=c(0,60)) 



Matthieu Dubois 
Post-doctoral researcher
Psychology Department
Université Libre de Bruxelles

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