[R] reading files from two folders

Roland Rau rolandraurproject at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 28 10:18:32 CEST 2012


On 03/28/2012 08:48 AM, uday wrote:
> I would like to read data from two different folder and then combine this
> together 
> the code which I have tried are as follows 
> setwd("/Groups/data_first/")
> file_was <- list.files(path = ".", pattern = "v2.0.2.was", all.files =
> FALSE, full.names = FALSE, recursive = FALSE, ignore.case = FALSE)
> path<-c("/Groups/data_second/")
> file_wasaux2 <-list.files(path,pattern="v2.0.2.wasaux2")
> files<- 1
>  for ( i in files){
>      data1  <- read.table(file_was[i],header=TRUE)
>      data2  <- read.table(paste(path1t, file_wasaux2[i],header=TRUE))
>      data   <- cbind (data1,data2)
> } 
> but I get error 
> (Error in read.table(SCI_WFMD_L2_w6002_200301_v2.0.2.wasaux2, header = TRUE)
> :
>   object 'SCI_WFMD_L2_w6002_200301_v2.0.2.wasaux2' not found)
> could somebody please tell me how to solve this problem?

I assume that the problem is the following line:
>      data2  <- read.table(paste(path1t, file_wasaux2[i],header=TRUE))
The default separator of paste is " ", see:
that probably means that the file you want to read has a different name
than what you actually provide as the file name.

Just a guess, though....

Please let me add that it is probably not a good idea to call your data
data. First, it is not very descriptive, meaning: you may have problems
in the future to understand your own code. Second, a function of the
same name exists already.

Hope this helps,

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