[R] split list

konika chawla chawla at bio.ntnu.no
Thu Mar 29 17:18:22 CEST 2012

Is there a function like splitstr, for splitting lists?
I want to divide a list of gene names based on a recurring value like 
the list is like

   [1,] "AT4G25480"
   [2,] "AT3G20810"
   [3,] "AT2G46670"
   [4,] "AT4G27310"
   [5,] "batch"
   [6,] "AT1G04570"
   [7,] "AT5G62360"
   [8,] "AT2G31380"
   [9,] "AT3G54500"
  [10,] "AT2G36220"
  [11,] "batch"
  [12,] "AT5G06980"
  [13,] "AT2G46790"
  [14,] "AT3G55580"
  [15,] "AT1G73480"
  [16,] "AT5G54470"
  [17,] "AT1G07180"
I want to split it in three gene lists, and remove the "batch"
Any ideas?

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