[R] Nested brew call yields Error in .brew.cat(26, 28) : unused argument(s) (26, 28)

Matt Shotwell matt.shotwell at Vanderbilt.Edu
Fri Mar 30 03:27:59 CEST 2012

On Wed, 2012-03-28 at 11:40 +0100, Chris Beeley wrote:
> I am writing several webpages using the brew package and R2HTML. I would 
> like to work off one script so I am using nested brew calls. The 
> documentation for brew states that:
> "NOTE: brew calls can be nested and rely on placing a function named 
> ’.brew.cat’ in the environment in which it is passed. Each time brew is 
> called, a check for the existence of this function is made. If it 
> exists, then it is replaced with a new copy that is lexically scoped to 
> the current brew frame. Once the brew call is done, the function is 
> replaced with the previous function. The function is finally removed from 
> the environment once all brew calls return."
> I'm afraid I can't quite figure out what it is I'm supposed to do here. 
> I've tried loading the brew library within the script which I pass to 
> brew, and I've tried defining brew cat like this:

The paragraph above describes what brew is doing behind the scenes. It's
not necessary to modify or set the .brew.cat function.

A nested (or recursive) brew call occurs when brew() is called from a
document currently being processed by brew().

To illustrate further, suppose there are two brew documents,
example-1.brew and example-2.brew, where example-1.brew contains the
following text (delimited by '''):

This text is in example-1.brew.
<%= brew::brew("example-2.brew") %>

and the example-2.brew contains

This text is in example-2.brew.
<%= date() -%>

Then from the R prompt we have:

This text is in example-1.brew.
This text is in example-2.brew.
Thu Mar 29 20:24:52 2012

> .brew.cat=function(){}
> This generates the following error message:
> Error in .brew.cat(26, 28) : unused argument(s) (26, 28)
> I think perhaps it is more likely that I need to insert into the script 
> the actual content of .brew.cat, but I can't seem to get R to tell me 
> what it is and Googling throws up a lot of stuff about beer and not much 
> else (drew a blank also from RSiteSearch("Nested brew"))
> Any help gratefully received.
> Chris Beeley
> Institute of Mental Health, UK
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