[R] Requirement for Java Resource [REQ:104400]

Mir Mukarram Ali ali at softhq.com
Fri Mar 30 18:32:35 CEST 2012

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   Dear Partner,

   Here   is   our   Direct   client  requirement  which  can  be  filled
   immediately. Kindly respond to this requirement with your consultant resume,
   contact and current location info to speed up the interview process.

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   Job Title:

   Java Resource

   Primary Skills:


   6 Months



   Perform  application  development experience using Java, J2EE, XML and
   integration platforms (SOAP, MQ, Web Services)
   Application development & design using Databases (Oracle), SQL, PL/SQL.
   Development of artifact and code for of EAI, Integration Applications and
   managed file transfer
   Perform Interface Design using Web Services, SOA architecture, SOAP Services
   and REST
   Strong unix background with expertise in shell and perl scripts.
   Design and development using XML, XSL, and XML based data structure and data
   Experience with integration of Salesforce.com to other IT systems.
   Documentation  of  technical design and communication of the same with
   development team and external stakeholders
   Ability to support production (24*7) for 2 weeks on rotational basis.
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   Please  respond  with you consultant resume, contact, rate and current
   location info to speed up the interview process. I will contact you if I
   need further details.




   SoftHQ Inc. 

   858 658 9200 x 620 

   [4]ali at softhq.com

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