[R] glpk package missing?

Steven Backues sbackues at umich.edu
Tue Oct 2 15:08:42 CEST 2012

I have a piece of code (from Xie et al. 2009 Autophagy 5:217) that runs 
in R and requires the glpk package. A year or so ago, I was able to 
download and install the glpk package directly from insider the R 
program (for Windows), and everything worked fine. Now I have installed 
R for Windows on a new computer, and I cannot find the glpk package on 
the list of available packages on my local CRAN mirror.

I do see two packages labeled "Rglpk" and "glpkAPI", but as far as I can 
understand these just interface with an outside version of glpk, which I 
don't have. I also found an old link to R glpk in a Wikibooks page, but 
it now says "Package ‘glpk’ was removed from the CRAN repository."

Is there a reason why the glpk package is no longer available? Can 
anyone suggest the easiest workaround? I tried but failed to install an 
outside version of glpk for windows. I am working on putting together a 
protocol paper that includes the use of this code, so I need some option 
that is simple enough that anyone can do it, without first needing to be 
a computer expert.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Steven Backues

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