[R] R process must die - can I save history?

Mike Miller mbmiller+l at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 19:17:16 CEST 2012

I connected from my desktop Linux box to a Linux server using ssh in an 
xterm, but that xterm was running in Xvnc.  I'm running R on the server in 
that xterm (over ssh).  Something went wrong with Xvnc that has caused it 
to hang, probably this bug:


So I can't get back to that ssh session or to R.  I had done a bunch of 
work in R but the command history hasn't been written out.  If I kill R, I 
assume the command history is gone.  I wish I could somehow cause R to 
dump the command history.  Is there any way to tell the running R process 
to write the history somewhere?

Thanks in advance.


Michael B. Miller, Ph.D.
Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research
Department of Psychology
University of Minnesota

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