[R] gam error message: matrix not +ve definite

garth dboyce at dal.ca
Sun Oct 7 16:00:27 CEST 2012


I'm running a multimodel analysis which involves fitting several GAM models
as implemented in package mgcv.  The issue I'm having is that when I try to
fit my model, gam gives me the following error message: 'Error in
initial.sp(w * X, S, off) : S[[2]] matrix is not +ve definite.' The strange
part of this is that the error message stops my model fitting function when
run on a linux platform, but not on my local windows machine. Ordinarily I
would just run the analysis on my local machine, but I need to run this from
the linux machine to take advantage of the much larger computing capacity.
The version of mgcv(1.7-21) and R (2.15.1) is the same on both machines. 

The data set to which the model if fitted is too large to post here but it
contains 2209 observations, and the model is of the form: gam(Response~Year
+ s(Dayofyear,k=5,bs='cc') + s(Longitude,Latitude,k=4) +
s(Coast_distance,k=4), family=Gamma('log'), data=dat, gamma=1.4)

I realize this is a very particular question, but any help would be really

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