[R] How to create a column in dependence of another column

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Tue Oct 9 11:25:37 CEST 2012

Hi there,

I'm sorry for the bad subject decision. Couldn't describe it better...

In my dataset called "dataSet" I want to create a new variable column called
"deal_category" which depends on another column called "trans_value".
In column "trans_value" I have values in USDm. Now what I want to do is to
give these values a category called "low", "medium" or "high". The
classification depends on the size of the values. 

"low", if value in "trans_value" is < 200 USDm
"medium", if value x in "trans_value" is: 200 USDm =< x < 500 USDm
"high", if value in "trans_value" is: >= 500 USDm

Having defined these deals with low, medium, high I want to run a lm() with
these categories as independent variable.

deal_category2 <- factor(deal_category)
levels(deal_category2) <- c("low", "medium", "high")
reg_1 <- lm(dep_var1 ~ indep_1 + indep_2 + deal_category2)

Is this correct? Does R recognize my categories as variables?

Thanks for all your support!


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