[R] r-plot help-it prints outside frame

piranha piranha piranha1988 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 11:31:57 CEST 2012


i have been doing browns exponential smooting for myself and have a little
trouble with plotting values:

    legend(max(vector), legend = c("Original values", "Estimated values"),
col=c("blue","red"),lwd=0.5, cex=1, xjust=0.1, yjust=-0.3)
    lines (vector, type = "o", col="blue")  #original values
    lines (est_vector, type = "o", col="red") # estimated values
    lines (length(vector)+1,forecast, type = "o", col="green") #forecasted

i get result as in pdf file attached in this email.

Two red values are "outside of frame" and i need also to get green value
"inside of a frame".Can you help me? I am really stucked with this. thx!
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