[R] plotting multiple variables in 1 bar graph

Macy Anonuevo radiant.stars at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 10:22:30 CEST 2012

I'd greatly appreciate your help in making a bar graph with multiple
variables plotted on it. All the help sites I've seen so far only plot 1
variable on the y-axis

Data set:
I have 6 sites, each measured 5 times over the past year. During each
sampling time, I counted the occurrences of different benthic components
(coral, dead coral, sand, etc.) over 5 transects in each site

site     time     transect     coral     deadcoral     sand     rubble .....
S1       time1   trans1        10           15                  10         4
S1       time1   trans2         5             4                    10       
S1      time1   trans3         10           2                     5           
S5      time5    trans5     6            3                       1          

I used aggregate to get the means of the individual variables (coral, dead
coral, etc.) using the site and time as grouping factors. 

aggregate.plot(deadcoral, by=list(SITE=site, TIME=time), FUN=c("mean"),
error=c("sd"), legend.site="topright", bar.col=rainbow(6))

What I need now is to plot all the variables in 1 site as they change over

What Excel produced:
(The image has mean %cover as the y-value instead of mean count but the
example still applies)

I've spent several hours looking for code to do this but didn't find
anything. I'd use the Excel graph except that it doesn't have the sd or se

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