[R] Regarding the memory allocation problem

Purna chander chanderbio at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 11:32:41 CEST 2012

Dear All,

My main objective was to compute the distance of 100000 vectors from a
set having 900 other vectors. I've a file named "seq_vec" containing
100000 records and 256 columns.
While computing, the memory was not sufficient and resulted in error
"cannot allocate vector of size 152.1Mb"

So I've approached the problem in the following:
Rather than reading the data completely at a time, I read the data in
chunks of 20000 records using scan() function. After reading each
chunk, I've computed distance of each of these vectors with a set of
another vectors.

Even though I was successful in computing the distances for first 3
chunks, I obtained similar error (cannot allocate vector of size

Q) Here what I could not understand is, how come memory become
insufficient when dealing with 4th chunk?
Q) Suppose if i computed a matrix 'm' during calculation associated
with chunk1, then is this matrix not replaced when I again compute 'm'
when dealing with chunk 2?


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