[R] Is there an lm() equivalent of panel.lmline()?

Alex van der Spek doorz at xs4all.nl
Tue Oct 30 12:53:19 CET 2012

panel.lmline returns intercept and slope of y ~ x subsetted to the
combination of conditioning factors given to xyplot in lattice.

for instance:

xyplot(Xvalues ~ log(Qvalues)|Tfac, data = df7, panel = panel.lmline)

I am looking to find the equivalent formulation for lm() proper. If I do

lmcal <- lm(Xvalues ~ log(Qvalues):Tfac, data = df7)

Only one value of the intercept is returned. It appears as all the
'individual' intercepts are summed to form one overall intercept.

Any help much appreciated!

Alex van der Spek

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