[R] Test for Random Points on a Sphere

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> > Dear All,
> > I implemented an algorithm for (uniform) random rotations.
> > In order to test it, I can apply it to a unit vector (0,0,1) in
> Cartesian
> > coordinates.
> > The result is supposed to be a set of random, uniformly distributed,
> points
> > on a sphere (not the point of the algorithm, but a way to test it).
> > This is what the points look like when I plot them, but other then
> > eyeballing them, can anyone suggest a test to ensure that I am really
> > generating uniform random points on a sphere?
> > Many thanks
> >
> Gut says to divide the surface into n bits of equal area and see if
> the points appear uniformly in those using something chi-squared-ish,
> but I'm not aware of a canonical way to do so.
> Cheers,
> Michael
> > Lorenzo
> >

I would be more inclined to use a method which is known to produce a points uniformly distributed on the surface of a sphere and not worry about testing your results.  You might find the discussion at the following link useful.


Hope this is helpful,


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