[R] Problem with a submission to jss

Duncan Murdoch murdoch.duncan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 13:51:45 CEST 2012

On 12-10-15 2:04 AM, Christophe Genolini wrote:
> Le 14/10/2012 00:00, Duncan Murdoch a écrit :
>> On 12-10-13 3:20 PM, Christophe Genolini wrote:
>>> Hi the list,
>>> I am about to submit an article describing an R package to the Journal of Statistical Software but I
>>> encounter a strange behavior of LaTeX: the numbering of the figure is correct (1. 2. 3. ...), but
>>> when I make a reference to a figure, the section (or the subsection) number appears instead of the
>>> figure number.
>>> I check if this behavior occurs with the file example provide in the jss package style: it does (I
>>> joint the example to this mail). So does someone know what is wrong?
>>> Sincerely
>>> Christophe
>>> This body part will be downloaded on demand.
>> I would guess you put the \label in the wrong place.  Put it in the \caption and it should be fine.
>> Duncan Murdoch
> It works, thanks.
> But it looks surprising for me. I use LaTeX for quite a long time and I always put the \label after
> the \caption (and I find several website that advice to do so). Is it something specific to the jss
> style?

According to 

"When a label is declared within a float environment, the \ref{...} will 
return the respective fig/table number, but it must occur after the 
caption. When declared outside, it will give the section number. To be 
completely safe, the label for any picture or table can go within the 
\caption{} command, "

so I don't think this is JSS specific.

Duncan Murdoch

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