[R] Which packages are incompatible with 64-bit R?

Alexander Shenkin ashenkin at ufl.edu
Fri Oct 19 14:51:19 CEST 2012

Thanks Duncan.  Here's what I come up with.  Anything obviously missing?
 I'd think there'd be more incompatibilities than just these few...

In 32-bit: > pkgs32 = available.packages(type="win.binary")
In 64-bit: > pkgs64 = available.packages(type="win.binary")

> pkgnames32 = pkgs32[,"Package"]
> pkgnames64 = pkgs64[,"Package"]

> as.character(pkgnames32[which(is.na(match(pkgnames32, pkgnames64)))])
[1] "RSVGTipsDevice" "RSvgDevice"     "eco"            "rcqp"
"sparsenet"      "hdf5"

On 10/19/2012 8:22 AM, Duncan Murdoch wrote:
> On 19/10/2012 8:10 AM, Alexander Shenkin wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> Despite the pain of migrating to 64-bit R (I have to install 64-bit
>> Office also due to RODBC), I'm considering making the leap due to
>> memory issues. Is there any place that lists packages that are 64-bit
>> incompatible? Or, will I just have to march through all my packages
>> and check them one-by-one on CRAN?
> An approximation to that is to call
> available.packages(type="win.binary") on both versions, and compare the
> lists.  Packages may fail to appear for reasons other than
> incompatibility, but incompatible packages won't be available in binary
> versions.
> Duncan Murdoch

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