[R] List of multidimensional arrays

Loukia Spineli spineliloukia26 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 08:36:41 CEST 2012

Dear all,

I am trying to create a list, where each list element is a vector of
different length arrays that contain 2by2 matrices. To be more specific
there are 11 treatments that are compared with placebo (we have 11
comparisons) and each comparison is studied by a different number of trials
and each trial has a different number of missing participants in both arms.
The length of the list is equal to the number of comparisons. In each
comparison the number of arrays is equal to the number of trials that study
this comparison. For instance 4 trials compare PAR with placebo. So, for
this comparison we have 4 arrays and each array has a length equal to the
producy of the number of participants in each arm. These arrays contain 2x2

I have attached a document with the data and the code. I cannot create the
list results the way I have described above. It creates only the  matrices
for the first array (that has length equal to 135) of the first comparison
leaving the rest 10 comparisons "NULL".
Any suggestion would be  really helpful

Thank you in advance,

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