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Dear Sylvia,

R-sig-mixed-models is a better list for questions about mixed models.

The summary gives you the standard error for the fixed effects. See the output in your mail. E.g. AGQ has a standard error of 0.044

Have a look at http://glmm.wikidot.com/faq, it covers some topics on mixed models.

Best regards,

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Onderwerp: [R] help with lme

Dear Madam or Sir

I am writing you hoping, that you can help me with a problem concerning the output of regressions done with the function lme in R.

I would need the standard deviations for intercepts and predictors, but in the output I can only find those for the intercepts. Could it be, that this is my fault? (I am just a beginner with R and multilevel modeling).

I am sorry to annoy you with this problem but I could not deal with the problem with the help of books, internet or friends. So my hope is that you would be so kind and you find some minutes to look through one of my examples.
I would be deeply greatful.

My R script:

library (nlme)  #Datei laden
randomInterceptDIQAGQ <- lme(NoteD ~ IQ + AGQ, data = Gind, random = ~1|Klnr, method = "ML", na.action = na.exclude) summary (randomInterceptDIQAGQ) intervals (randomInterceptDIQAGQ)

my Output:

Final model, : 2 predictors, no RandomSlope

> randomInterceptDIQAGQ <- lme(NoteD ~ IQ + AGQ, data = Gind, random =
> ~1|Klnr, method = "ML", na.action = na.exclude)

> summary (randomInterceptDIQAGQ)

Linear mixed-effects model fit by maximum likelihood

 Data: Gind

       AIC      BIC    logLik

  943.9653 964.7289 -466.9826

Random effects:

 Formula: ~1 | Klnr

(Intercept)  Residual

StdDev:   0.3208885 0.6210003

 Fixed effects: NoteD ~ IQ + AGQ

Value  Std.Error  DF    t-value p-value

(Intercept)  1.8093739 0.06661912 439  27.159979  0.0000

IQ          -0.1565731 0.04810124 439  -3.255074  0.0012

AGQ         -0.4987539 0.04430031 439 -11.258476  0.0000


(Intr) IQ

IQ   0.001

AGQ  0.005 -0.503

Standardized Within-Group Residuals:

        Min          Q1         Med          Q3         Max

-2.40082246 -0.62266936 -0.07491225  0.54494014  3.77426037

Number of Observations: 470

Number of Groups: 29

With best regards from Austria
Sylvia Opriessnig

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