[R] Split xts data set into weeks

Seimizu Joukan saimizi at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 14:03:41 CET 2013

Hi, Michael

Thank you very much!

> Looking at args(split.xts) I think you actually do want split(..., f =
> ) here, not split(..., frequency = ), which would ignore and default
> to months.

yes, split(...,f=) is what I want.

> so I think it's likely a timezone issue. Try setting
> indexTZ(tmp) <- "GMT"

yes, I think you are right.
when I set indexTZ(tmp) to "GMT" or "JST" (Japan),
I got the same result to yours.

when I do Sys.timezone(), I got "" , I am afraid that R failed to get
my ubuntu's system
environment variable. perhaps because I am using ubuntu on vmware,
there are some problems with timezone. not sure! :(

I  know little about timezone, I will go on to investigate and
learn something about it. thank you for your help!

Best regards!

Seimizu Joukan

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