[R] Putting an array from excel into R Studio

Nick Duncan nickdunc at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 18:25:12 CET 2013

Dear All,

I have been using RExcel for some time and find two features especially useful:
i) The ability to select part of a worksheet and put it into R
ii) The way of viewing the code, the output and the alerts in separate panes.

The rest of R Excel I don't really use.
The major benefit for me is i) as I can use the excel as a sort of
fast access database which is convenient to edit. I can find an array
in a large number of worksheets in seconds by name, because of the
retention of the name of 'put arrays' within the spreadsheet, which is
The R blogs seem to be slightly dismissive of or do not recognise this
use for excel.

I would like to explore the use of R studio as it seems to be the tool
of choice for many, but I am reluctant to have to create csv's for a
huge number of arrays.

Is there a convenient way to get this 'put' functionality between
excel and R studio? Or, does one have to import the worksheet and then
begin the analysis through R using the RODBC package?

Many thanks,
Nick Duncan

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