[R] lattice dotplot labelling median and mean values for each panel

maxbre mbressan at arpa.veneto.it
Mon Feb 18 11:11:51 CET 2013

By considering this reproducible example

#start code

dotplot(variety ~ yield | site, data = barley, 
        layout = c(1,6),
        index.cond= function(x,y){median(x)},
        panel = function(x,y,...) { 
          median.values <- median(x) 
          panel.abline(v=median.values, col.line="red")
          panel.abline(v=mean.values, col.line="blue")
          #panel.text()  #?

#end code

I would like to add a label showing respectively the median (red vertical
line) and the mean (blue vertical line)  for each panel and possibly tweak
the label positions so that they do not overlap;
I think to understand it has something to do with panel.text() but I can’t
properly set it to work: any help for this?



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