[R] Random number generator used in 'runif'

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>> Dear list,
>> For the implementation of a particular optimization algorithm it is
>> very important the random number generator.
>> I would like to know if somebody could tell me what is the random
>> number generator used by default in the 'runif' function.
>> >From the help page of 'runif' and '.Random.seed' I guess that the
>> default algorithm is 'Mersenne-Twister', but I would be really
>> grateful if somebody with experience in random number generators could
>> confirm that or tell me what is the method actually used.
> No guessing necessary, as the R-help is quite explicit

Thank you very much for all the replies.

I was asking because I did not see any 'rng.kind' argument within the
'runif' function, and I wanted to be sure that what is mentioned in
the help page of '.Random.seed' is valid for 'runif' and all the
related functions.

Thanks again,


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