[R] total indirect effects in structural equation modeling using lavaan

yrosseel yrosseel at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 11:45:30 CET 2013

On 02/22/2013 11:40 AM, Marios wrote:
> Thank you very much Yves!
> I have managed to get the total indirect effects that i wanted but it
> seems to only work on the unstandardized coefficients. I use
> "standardized =TRUE" in the "summary" command but the "std.all" column
> has the same values as the "Estimate" (unstandardized) column for the
> new parameters defined by the ":=" operator. All other parameters i.e.
> using "~" have been standardized.
> How do i go about calculating the indirect effects based on standardized
> coefficients?

You need to install 0.5-12, where the newly 'defined' parameters 
(defined by the ":=" operator) are standardized too (just like the other 
parameters). This version is not on CRAN yet, but you can install it by 
typing in R:

install.packages("lavaan", repos="http://www.da.ugent.be", type="source")


Yves Rosseel -- http://www.da.ugent.be
Department of Data Analysis, Ghent University

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