[R] bagging algorithm

Iut Tri Utami triutami.iut at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 19:23:42 CET 2013

Dear Sir,

I am a R beginning user. I would like to apply the bagging algorithm to my
data in order to classify a certain disease by Bagging Support Vector
Machine Ensemble.

My problem is that even if I am reading the book, looking at the examples
in internet and available in R, learning a lot of theoretical things on
about SVM esemble or Bagging method, I can't apply Bagged SVM esemble or
Bagging method with R to my data because of many doubts and difficulties.
This is the reason why I have decided to ask the expert for help.

I have a sample of hepatitis data. The variable I would like to classify
pattern recognition is class type in hepatitis data. I don't understand at
all about the Bagging algorithm.  I attach the following data and journal
about bagging algorithm. What should I do ? could you help me??

Thank you very much for your attention and, I hope, your help.

Best wishes

Iut Tri Utami
Bogor Agricultural Institute
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