[R] MT940 and MT942

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Sat Jan 5 10:04:10 CET 2013

On Jan 5, 2013, at 03:23 , Ben Bolker wrote:

> Suzen, Mehmet <msuzen <at> gmail.com> writes:
>> Hello List,
>> Are there any R package that can process MT940/942?
>> Thanks
>> mem
>  I find it hard to say because I have no idea what those formats are
> (although googling suggests they're banking codes).
>  library("sos") and using findFn() on "MT940", "MT942",
> and "SWIFT" brings up nothing useful, so it looks like you're
> out of look. 
>   Check out the task views, especially the finance one; I think
> there's also an r-sig-finance mailing list where you might have
> better luck.

There are various format converters out there, including to OFX format. Also to CSV, which would be immediately readable i R, but maybe (I don't really know anything about this) lose too much meta-information. 

Some of the converters are Open Source, although not in R. And there have been queries on R-sig-finance on how to read OFX, which apparently is basically XML.

So it looks like some assembly is required, but puzzle pieces are available.

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