[R] Basic loop programming

Paolo Donatelli donatellipaolo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 17:02:48 CET 2013

Hi all,

newbie question: I am trying to set up a very simple loop without succeeding.

Let's say I have monthly observation of two variables for a year
- Sales_2012_01, Sales_2012_02, Sales_2012_03, ....      (total sales
for jan 2012,feb 2012, etc.)
- Customers_2012_01, Customers_2012_02, ....  (total number of
customers for jan 2012, etc.)

and I want to create new monthly variables in order to compute
revenues per customers:

Av_revenue_2012_01 = Sales_2012_01 / Customers_2012_01
Av_revenue_2012_02 = Sales_2012_02 / Customers_2012_02

how can I proceed?

In other programming language I used just to write something like
for (i in list("01","02, ..., "12") {
Av_revenue_2012_'i' = Sales_2012_'i' / Customers_2012_'i'

but in R it seems not to work like that. Further, and correct me if I
am wrong, I cannot use simple (i in 1:12) since I have a 0 digit in
front of the single-digit months.

thanks in advance for your help

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