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On Wed, Jan 9, 2013 at 2:19 PM, Benjamin Caldwell
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> Dear r helpers;
> I'm interested in reading from and writing to large .xlsx files fairly
> regularly.  (Why, the naysayers may ask - and the answer is basically
> colleagues and clients who prefer that format). I've tried out the
> XLConnect and xlsx libraries, but the java implementation they use just
> takes too much RAM for the files I'm working with.
> gdata leverages perl and works really well for reading in those files, so
> half the problem is solved for me! I don't see anything in the
> documentation about writing .xlsx, though. Is anyone aware of any libraries
> or clever solutions in R that would get the job done for me? I see a couple
> packages on CPAN for writing an xlsx, so it's been done in perl; perhaps it
> would be easy to run that from R? I don't use perl myself (yet?).
> Looking for recommendations.
> Best
> Ben Caldwell

Check out
and in particular the WriteXLS package can write Excel 2003 files
(xls) using perl.

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