[R] How to estate the correlation between two autocorrelated variables

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> variables
> Dear R users,
> In my data, there are two variables t1 and t2. For each observation of
> t1
> and t2, two location indicators (x, y) were provided.
> The data format is
> #    x   y   t1   t2
> Since the both t1 and t2 are depended on x and y, t1 and t2 are
> autocorrelated variables. My question is how to calculate the
> correlation
> between t1 and t2 by taking into account the structure of residual
> variance
> caused by x and y. Seemly, the gls function in nlme/R package might can
> be
> used for the purpose. However, I failed to figure out how to use the
> function for my data. I appreciate your kind help providing an example
> code
> for the above data format. Please also let me know if there is any
> other
> more suitable R package for the analysis.
> Best regards,
> Zhiqiu

If you want the partial correlation between t1 and t2 given x and y, then look at the pcor() function in the ppcor package.

Hope this is helpful,


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