[R] X11 plot window doesn't show graphic immediately

Alexander Engelhardt alex at chaotic-neutral.de
Sat Jan 12 19:04:31 CET 2013

Hi r-help,

I have a weird problem. When I plot anything, say plot(1:10), a plot 
window opens but it's empty. It looks just like this:


I have to resize the window, either by clicking the fullscreen icon on 
the menu bar, or by dragging the borders. Then the plot is shown, but 
strangely in the original size of the window, where it was before the 


Then, when I resize to shrink the window back, the plot is shown too 
big, how it would have fit in the previously resized window:


So it seems like the windows displays everything with a resize lag of 1, 
i.e. according to the previous resize. Erm...

Some possibly helpful info:
- I am on Arch Linux
- R version 2.15.2
- It happens on two different computers (both Arch Linux)
- It happens when starting R from the console or from within Emacs
- plotting to a pdf("some.pdf") works fine

I have no idea where to search for the cause of that. Did anyone 
encounter this or have any idea where this might come from? Pointers to 
where to look for the cause are welcome too.

Thanks in advance,

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